Web Marketing, Development, Integration and Design:

Shak Corp has a team of programmers, developers and designers for all graphic and web related needs. Our team specializes in helping companies maintain and enter into new and previous markets online. Using our tools and specialists we can update or improve your companies presence in the online marketplace.

Business Services:

Shak Corp delivers a full team of specialists used to make your business better. Our specialists can help you choose a variety of services we provide to make your company grow and maintain strong market presence in todays ever expanding markets.

Product Development & Procurement

The Shak Corp teams experience in overseas product development and procurement with their team of inspectors, engineers and developers are ready to help you company with all their product needs. Using our experience and tools it can be easy for your company to move forward without the hassle of having to deal with international language or business practice barriers and maintain low overhead when importing, exporting and/or developing products in your market.

Our Portfolio

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